Thursday, November 27, 2014

6 Top Things to Consider before Submitting your Site to Directories

Web directories play a vital role in enhancing web traffic both in direct/indirect way. There are certain important guidelines and rules which you should be aware of before submitting your website to any of them and to increase your chances of being listed. PP directory is one such free website directory where several websites are listed category wise.

Following are some important points to keep in mind before submitting your site to website directories:

1.    Check whether your site is accessible or not – Ensure that your website works properly in different browsers such as Opera, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Besides this, make sure that it works well with PDAs, screen readers as well as with Linux and Mac based browsers.

2.    Check whether your site is stable or not – Editor from website directories may visit your website at any given point of time and may visit it several times. A website which is not available on regular basis is not accepted by directory or may be removed, if it is already listed there.

3.    Select appropriate category – Submit your website by selecting appropriate category for it.

4.    Ensure you have unique content on your site – Web directories is not just about listing same thing repeatedly. For this reason, it is essential to have unique content on your website before you submit it to web directories.

5.    Read submission guidelines – Each web directory has its distinct set of guidelines/rules. It is advisable to read submission guidelines before submitting your site to website directories.

6.    Prepare submission details – Before submitting your site, it is essential to prepare text snippets to cut and paste it in suitable box during the process of submission. Also, description of your site plays a vital role, so take some time to write down good website description.

Thus, in this way you can successfully submit your website to directories.

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