Friday, September 12, 2014

Why Human-Edited Web Directories is Given Much Importance?

In human-edited web directories, people usually evaluate submitted links, before posting it to web directories. They are created and maintained by expert web editors who then add links according to policies pertaining to that web directory. 

They are targeted by SEO depending on the back links obtained from reliable and reputable sources will enhance search engine rankings of websites to a great extent. If you want to get high rank and online visibility for your blog then you can consider blog directory such as PP Directory blog and if you want to get high rank and visibility for your website, then consider submitting your website to reputable directory such as PPdirectory.

Its role in SEO :

This type of web directories is more popular among masses, who use SEO techniques for optimization. They are considered as the best tools for registering your contents in top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. 

In the field of SEO, human-edited web directories have great significance and value as the directory editors always list quality content and websites. Search engines place high value on these directories to establish the worthiness of websites indexed by them. 

Benefits of submitting to human-edited niche web directories:

  • Directories are controlled and managed by humans and websites that comprise of undesirable content that don’t get listed. Backlinks from these directories are of high quality and your website will benefit from improved reputation and credibility.
  • Listing in these web directories gives your website, an immediate exposure to users who might not be aware of your company website.
  • You will notice improvement in terms of link popularity and page ranking after sometime.

Why search engines give more priority to human-edited web directories?

To get high ranking for your website, it is important to place website links on web directories. Following reasons describewhy search engines give high priority to these directories:

  • It is more exact compared to an automated web directory
  • It has calculative placement

Thus, human-edited web directories are given much importance by search engines when compared to other types of web directories.

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