Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The concept of web directory is specified by individuals and not the sycophants of web. Its salient function is to display the web pages, according to the categories and sub categories. It is vehemently different then the work of a search engine. The category of the website in the web directory is solely based on the quality of its content, and not on its keywords or pages.
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If the content is qualitative and relevant to the web user, the website would be enlisted in the top ranking of the directory. The site owners must submit their websites to the editors for review, and they will examine it for making its presence strong on the search engine.


Web directories indulge in various tasks. Whether the webmaster wants to increase the traffic, improve his ranking on the search engine, or build a useful link for the users the web directory would be at your service. If the web master’s site is approved, it would gain unlimited entry. It would allow the webmaster to control his listing whenever he wants.

The free website directories also help the user to pass the quality standards, and make his URL the most searched on the web.


 There has been an intense increase in the growth of websites and web traffic during the past two decades. This made the entrepreneurs search for a way to expand their business limits over the internet. The web directories aide the new entrepreneurs to improvise their branding techniques and generate sales productivity at a higher level, by balancing the customary search engine optimization skills.

The year 2013 witnessed the top rankings of some of the best directories turning to models with chargeable reviews, and some have been deserted. Shockingly, the popular directories like Dmoz are not included in the top rankings. Reason being, they have balanced themselves as a trustworthy source in the web atmosphere. They have uplifted several business and personal sites in the web ranking, so evidently people have kept them at the highest level in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Here’s the list of the top ranking free website directories of 2013-14. [Top five]

  •  Directory fire 
  • A1 web directory 
  • So Much 
  • SEO directory world 
  • Synergy directory 

Nowadays, the web professionals have generated a new trend in the usage of web directories, of lowering the significance of incoming links and mutual placement. However, before submitting your website, make sure you check the crucial features which make the directory a relevant source.                           

      They are :

  •  Domain Authority
  • Suitable category. 
  • Listing Quality. 
  • Directory design. 
  • Fresh links. 


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