Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How Website Directories are Helpful to Businesses?

If we carry out a detailed study and observe the most successful professionals and businesses, there are some crucial factors which are common in them. One of the most important factors among them is their ability to create business networks.

In these competitive times, networking holds very important place to achieve success, both on offline and online platforms. Internet has opened new avenues for people and businesses to stay connected. One of the most important business networking tools is online business listing. Having your business listed in website directories will help you to gain targeted web traffic and will help to boost search engine rankings.

 It requires only short amount of time to submit your website details online. It would not be wrong to say that free website directories offer an easy way to get higher placements in Google search results, increased web traffic and overall boost in promotion of your business website.

Why Website Directories? :

In order to make your business successful online, it is very important to create a unique identity for it. A good thing about website directories is that it enables your website to get indexed by major search engines. 

Through website directories, your company can achieve increased visibility and traffic online. Also, it will help your business to enjoy free services of website directories. Further, it will give your business, the much required advertising exposure.

In order to maintain high standards online, there are usually predefined set of guidelines for website submission in directories:
  • Your website must be relevant to the category, where you wish to get it listed.
  • Websites which have broken links, incomplete content/graphics or pages will not be accepted for submission.
  • Websites which redirects to another address not belonging to it, tracking or disguised URL’s will not be admitted.
  • Mirror websites which have the same content but different domains will not be accepted.
  • Any website which contains too much pop-ups, ads, pop-unders or affiliate links will not be accepted for submission in website directories. 
  • Any website having objectionable/illegal material, adult related content, pornography, etc. is not accepted.
  • Website must be up and should be accessible round the clock.
  • Don’t submit your website, if you are making use of free host.
Thus, it can be said that website directories prove as a great addition to your business marketing strategy and can help your business to expand its web traffic and increase the likelihood that your website will be found by targeted users leading to the online success of your business. 


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