Thursday, November 27, 2014

6 Top Things to Consider before Submitting your Site to Directories

Web directories play a vital role in enhancing web traffic both in direct/indirect way. There are certain important guidelines and rules which you should be aware of before submitting your website to any of them and to increase your chances of being listed. PP directory is one such free website directory where several websites are listed category wise.

Following are some important points to keep in mind before submitting your site to website directories:

1.    Check whether your site is accessible or not – Ensure that your website works properly in different browsers such as Opera, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Besides this, make sure that it works well with PDAs, screen readers as well as with Linux and Mac based browsers.

2.    Check whether your site is stable or not – Editor from website directories may visit your website at any given point of time and may visit it several times. A website which is not available on regular basis is not accepted by directory or may be removed, if it is already listed there.

3.    Select appropriate category – Submit your website by selecting appropriate category for it.

4.    Ensure you have unique content on your site – Web directories is not just about listing same thing repeatedly. For this reason, it is essential to have unique content on your website before you submit it to web directories.

5.    Read submission guidelines – Each web directory has its distinct set of guidelines/rules. It is advisable to read submission guidelines before submitting your site to website directories.

6.    Prepare submission details – Before submitting your site, it is essential to prepare text snippets to cut and paste it in suitable box during the process of submission. Also, description of your site plays a vital role, so take some time to write down good website description.

Thus, in this way you can successfully submit your website to directories.

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6 Top Tips to Select the Best Website Directory

If you have your own blog or website, then you will find it worthy to submit your site to various high quality and free website directories. A website directory organizes websites as per category wise. Website directories are vital tools which prove helpful in building link popularity and improving search engine rankings. These directories can be considered as an excellent source of inbound one-way links. 

Businesses and individuals use website directories to get their website listed and to help it achieve good online visibility. It offers an easy way to increase website traffic and several webmasters agree that listing your website with a website directory is indeed a good idea. One main benefit of getting your website listed with website directory is that it increases web traffic for your site. Therefore, it is important to choose right website directory for your business. 

Few tips that will help you to select the best website directory:

 1. Focus on the most reliable, trusted and popular website directories. By surfing online, you will come across number of website directories that are known for giving good rankings on search engine.

2. Select website directories which are indexed by major search engines.

3. Check the quality of websites which are listed in the directory. By doing so, you will be able to determine whether quality sites are there in the directory or not.

4. Your website listing will be more successful provided you select website directory that has good reputation online.

5. Opt for website directories which have faster review and posting time.

6. Check out guidelines of directories you would like to use, when it comes to quality of articles/website they accept.

With these tips, you will not have tough time in selecting the best website directory. 

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

How Online Website Directory Listing Will Improve Your Business?

Each and every website needs their online visibility for their customers, especially when it is a business website holding lots of information. Usually it is not easy to get a substantial amount of traffic that one actually desire to have or actually need for the success of their website.


So in order to overcome from these kinds of major problems, it is necessary to get listed under website directory and top in the results of the search engine. In this online competitive world and ever expanding online market, it becomes necessary that your website listing appears in top search results. Joining with a good directory listing firm, as for an instance PP Directory, is one of the effective ways to increase the popularity of your page.

Along with that, another major aspect for gaining good customer base is choosing simple, unique as well as easy to remember name of the website address. It has also been observed that even though there is wonderful graphics as well as artful content on the web page, you may lack exact website traffic.

As a result, majority of visitors might be ending up on visiting a similar website rather than visiting your website. One of the best parts of these website directories is that, they would categorize your website based on the content of the website. For an instance, if the content of the website is related to gardening products then they will list your website under the gardening category while if your website content holds the medical information, it will be categorized under health and fitness category.

However, there are many other factors that would help in appropriate directory listing but choosing the right website directory is the main task. One could enjoy appropriate website traffic through website directory listing which as a result improves one’s business.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Exclusive Tips to Locate Verified Wholesale Distributors Using Reputable Directory Sites

As they contain detailed information as well as in-depth data about the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors as well as drop-shippers, they are being trusted by majority of online customers.

As it offers online customers and various internet users with the extensive information, so it becomes necessary for them to register with the ideal website directory.

So, presenting below some of the exclusive tips that could help one in locating verified wholesale distributors using reputable directory sites:

  • The wholesale directory that one chooses must be reviewed and rate by the suppliers that is based on the efficiency and performance levels. The website directory must guide one through the best service provider from the list of several service providers. One of the online directory sites- PP Directory works according to this parameter which has proved its efficiency among different online customers. 
  •  The directory one chooses must have only verified businesses that are being thoroughly screened based on all the parameters of authenticity. It could prove to be one of the challenging tasks, but it is quite necessary as to save one from those suppliers that are unreliable and executes erratic performance. 
  • The best online wholesale directory site must allow one to post their exact requirement online. Usually, it happens that the retailers are unable to find suppliers for their products as they may belong to unusual niche or it may be unique. 

Thus, a successful and reputable directory site is the one which results out the most reliable website for the particular search criteria.

The online users must enter their exact search criteria through which the website directories result out with the reliable site and their products.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This is an age of competition. All the enterprises small, medium or large have to build a strong promotional strategy for getting qualitative website traffic. In addition, the best alternative opted by most of them is web directories.

They submit their websites to different directories, according to their requirements and gradually gather qualitative traffic by obtaining a higher page rank. These directories have proven to be a key benefit factor, in increasing the profit margin of several businesses.

Make sure that you submit your website to an SEO friendly directory for a swift way to start generating one-way links to your site. The real reason, why these web directories have become the golden apple of online traders is that they quite reliable and trustworthy.

A qualitative directory would make your site visible to all, so that the potential customers would come across your site.

The PP Directory Blog advertises all kind of industry relevant business subjects ranging from health and beauty to entertainment and politics.

There are blog directories in which one can submit their links. They can make use of RSS submit software to give their blogs while using manual and automatic submission tools.

Most of the web directories are relevant to diverse industries. While some come out as spam by showing that, they work for SEO alone, other qualitative directories link to all the industries prevailing in the market.

Websites registered in PP Directory Blog, have gathered abundant qualitative traffic with more and more potential consumers wanting to be a regular customer.

Web directories have the capacity to offer visitors the links, divided according to geographical region or interests. They target the demography where the consumer is in need of a specific product or service. The directories also help the user to find contacts for their business.

Directories generate relevant and reliable incoming links to your business. As this is the prime focus of any SEO campaign, it gradually improves the web ranking and generates more customers for your business.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Running a business is not a piece of cake. You have to be alert without waiting for day or night for the promotion and development of your products and services. In all this Hubble-bubble, you do not want to waste time on the promotion that does not maximize your profit margin.

Opt for a good qualitative directory that would play a vital role in expanding your business, both on online and offline basis. Look at its features.


A Qualitative web directory would not only gain high ROI, but also improve the page ranking of the website. If your site has ample quality web pages, which help to mention or put your site higher in search results, then Google would definitely take a note of that.

Page rank can significantly increase your website traffic and can highlight your keyword for a particular word search or phrase. The PP Directory Blog ensures that all the quality websites enlist in them. They would build useful links that would generate quality traffic to your website.


Suppose you want to customize your products and services in a specific area then you can easily categorize and add customized information. Be careful while choosing the category, as a wrong one would shoo away the traffic and the potential customers.


You are aware that a web directory is an authoritative listing of websites classified according to categories and sub categories. A quality website will provide a free open directory project, especially for overworked volunteer editors. Make you enlist there at a right time, because a link from such directories can generate ample traffic.

The websites enlisted in PP Directory Blog, gradually get the desired traffic and vice versa increase their bottom line.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Why Human-Edited Web Directories is Given Much Importance?

In human-edited web directories, people usually evaluate submitted links, before posting it to web directories. They are created and maintained by expert web editors who then add links according to policies pertaining to that web directory. 

They are targeted by SEO depending on the back links obtained from reliable and reputable sources will enhance search engine rankings of websites to a great extent. If you want to get high rank and online visibility for your blog then you can consider blog directory such as PP Directory blog and if you want to get high rank and visibility for your website, then consider submitting your website to reputable directory such as PPdirectory.

Its role in SEO :

This type of web directories is more popular among masses, who use SEO techniques for optimization. They are considered as the best tools for registering your contents in top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. 

In the field of SEO, human-edited web directories have great significance and value as the directory editors always list quality content and websites. Search engines place high value on these directories to establish the worthiness of websites indexed by them. 

Benefits of submitting to human-edited niche web directories:

  • Directories are controlled and managed by humans and websites that comprise of undesirable content that don’t get listed. Backlinks from these directories are of high quality and your website will benefit from improved reputation and credibility.
  • Listing in these web directories gives your website, an immediate exposure to users who might not be aware of your company website.
  • You will notice improvement in terms of link popularity and page ranking after sometime.

Why search engines give more priority to human-edited web directories?

To get high ranking for your website, it is important to place website links on web directories. Following reasons describewhy search engines give high priority to these directories:

  • It is more exact compared to an automated web directory
  • It has calculative placement

Thus, human-edited web directories are given much importance by search engines when compared to other types of web directories.